Allow me to Introduce myself!

Welcome to my blog page, “A Worthy Walk”. My name is Robin Self. I’m a pastor’s wife in rural Oklahoma. My husband Jeff and I have been through the ups and downs, the thick and thin of all that church ministry involves, along with our 3 now grown children. We’ve served in places as populated as New York, and as rural as Southeast Georgia. 
Something I have become passionate about in nearly 30 years of ministry with my husband is women being equipped in the Word of God so that they will be able to study the bible for themselves, will be able to spot error when they hear it, and won’t be lured away into false teaching. It has been my experience that so many women today are lacking in biblical knowledge and discernment, and they are easily deceived by poetic words and pretty bible study covers. They sadly believe that if it’s in the Christian bookstores it must be ok. My hope with my blog page is to be a voice of truth in a world of deception. I am unapologetic in my desire for biblical accuracy and hermeneutics.

Maybe one reason I’m so fervent in my desire for women to be scripturally adept and properly equipped is because I, for so long, was one of those women who just went along with whatever was taught to me, believing because it had the words “Bible Study” on it, that it was biblical and accurate. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I feel as a pastor’s wife, I have a perspective that could be useful for the women in the pews. I strive to be honest, sometimes humorous, yet humble in what I say and write. This honesty may sometimes rub some the wrong way. Especially those who feel that false teachers should never be confronted or called out. We are biblically commanded to call out false teaching so that the people can know the dangers of the deception that is out there.

Here are a few items about my page I want you to be aware of.

*I have a wide range of things I write about. From a Verse of the Day, to clarifying scripture that is often taken out of context, to things to be aware of in the Christian speaking circuit and the teachers that frequent them.

*I always try to answer comments as soon as I see them.

*All comments must be approved. Any comments that argue in favor of false teachers or defend false teaching will be deleted and won’t be posted.