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A Day To Celebrate!

June 24, 2022. A momentous day in our nation’s history. A day many, if not most of us, thought we may never see in our lifetimes. But, by God’s grace and sovereign decree, it has happened. And it’s a day to celebrate. In a landmark 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has … Continue reading A Day To Celebrate!

Dear Pastors…

Dear pastors, If you are silent on the issues of homosexuality in your churches, then you are useless.If you turn a blind eye to the scourge and infiltration of LGBT affirmation in our pews you are a hireling and need to find another “occupation”. If your church is flying a “pride” flag, you are not … Continue reading Dear Pastors…

Pride Month is Hatred for God

There is a very personal contempt in my heart for “Pride Month”. But it is God Himself that the LGBTQ “community” is in complete conflict with anytime they proclaim their pride in their lifestyle. Scripture denounces self-aggrandizing pride in one’s self and self-glorification. God detests it. God’s word has plenty to say on the subject … Continue reading Pride Month is Hatred for God

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