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His Word Is Truth

John MacArthur says: Sanctification is accomplished by means of the truth, which is the revelation that the Son gave regarding all that the Father commanded him to communicate and is now contained in the Scriptures left by the apostles. There was a time when I wasn’t very discerning of God’s word. If my favorite Bible … Continue reading His Word Is Truth

Jesus Commends The Church in Ephesus

Jesus commended the church in Ephesus in the book of Revelation for testing those who claimed to be apostles. They found false teachers among those they put to the test. This practice of holding teachers and leaders accountable isn’t to be thrown aside today.John MacArthur says:“The Ephesian church exercised spiritual discernment. It knew how to … Continue reading Jesus Commends The Church in Ephesus

Are You a Church Hopper?

Every church has had them. People who join your church. Excited to serve. Faithful to attend every function. Then they disappear. You hear through the grapevine that they are attending somewhere else now. Excited to serve. Faithful to attend every function. There is a generally understood term for this. It’s called “church hopping”. There are … Continue reading Are You a Church Hopper?

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