Can a Pastor’s Wife Have Friendships Within the Church?

As a pastor's wife, I belong to several Facebook groups specifically for the wives of those in ministry. I would say that at least every few months a certain recurring topic shows up in the various feeds. The question asked of the fellow PW's goes something like this: "Do you have friendships within your church?" … Continue reading Can a Pastor’s Wife Have Friendships Within the Church?

Is It Biblical: Seeking To Experience God’s Presence

"Refuse to be content with just the knowledge of God, but insist on experiencing His presence"- Kerri Weems. “Learning to host the Presence of God is the biggest challenge of the Christian life.”- Bill Johnson "Lord, help me to seek Your presence above everything else."- Joyce Meyer Seek His Presence. Experience His presence. Practice His presence. … Continue reading Is It Biblical: Seeking To Experience God’s Presence

Guest Post: The Importance of Knowing the Rules

I am completely humbled and honored to have been asked by Michelle Lesley to write a guest article for her blog page. It was published today. I hope you glean something from it.

Michelle Lesley

If your theology pretty much matches up with mine (as outlined in my “Welcome” and “Statement of Faith” tabs in the blue menu bar at the top of this page) and you’d like to contribute a guest post, drop me ane-mail, and let’s chat about it.

The Importance of Knowing the Rules
by Robin Self

Most people who read my blogs probably know me best as being “the preacher’s wife”. But what they may not know is that for a lot of years I was another kind of wife.

I was an official’s wife.

Not “official” as in an important “government official” who rides in limousines and has “people”. But the kind who spends hundreds of hours a year in a minivan, eating gas station food, traveling to various sports complexes and gymnasiums, for very little money, in order to be yelled and cursed at by outraged fans.

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