Asking For Wisdom

Did you know that wisdom is the only thing specifically named in scripture, that if a believer asks for it, God promises to give it? (James 1:5)

James goes on to say that we must ask in faith, trusting God will give us what we need, not doubting Him. This means we need to be people who are walking with Him earnestly and intently, having assurance through the storms of life, as well as fair weather.

IF we trust Him as the source of all wisdom, He gives us what we need to make wise decisions in our lives. Of course, His word is our ultimate guide.
Don’t listen for a “still small voice”, or wait for a feeling of “peace”. ( I’ve mistakenly had “peace” about more then one bad decision! )

Sometimes the wisdom He gives us is to ask someone who is more mature in Christ for help.

But rest in the promise that If you ask for wisdom in a certain situation, (not just the resolution you want!) He will give it.

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