Thoughts & Ponderings…

The one who professes Christ should no longer be controlled by sin. In fact sinfulness should be a very small part of the believer’s life as she grows and matures in the Lord. Christ had no sin in Him. As we are being sanctified and becoming more like Christ shouldn’t the logical conclusion be that we are sinning less and less?
The Christian’s life should not be one that is marked by lying, cheating, sexual immorality, gossip, a filthy mouth, or a host of other ungodly characteristics.
We have been given the fruit of the Spirit ( love, joy, peace patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self-control *Gal. 5:22-23 ) His Spirit is IN us, guiding into all righteousness.
This fruit should be the defining attribute of those who belong to the Lord.
Are we going to slip from time to time. YES! Should this be a habitual lifestyle? NO!
Chances are there’s a thorn in your flesh that you may battle for a long time, maybe forever. Maybe you have to fight being negative, or lazy, or worrisome. ( Yes, these are sins. )
But the things that can trip us up are the very things that He is working out in us to purify us. They are how we learn to exhibit the fruit of self-control. The thing is to keep repenting, keep getting up when we fall short, and trying again. Don’t just succumb to it and accept that it’s “just the way you are”.
I once knew a professing Christian woman in her 80’s who was bitter, joyless, and mean. Those in the church would make excuses for her, saying, “That’s just the way she is.” What a sad testament to claim to belong to Christ, yet exhibit none of His fruit. No love. No peace. No kindness. The trials in her life had robbed her of all joy and she wallowed in it rather than choosing to pursue Christ in her grief and allow healing to take place.
May we never be someone that people have to make excuses for to cover for our sinful behavior!
So continue walking the right path. Stay in the word. Stay in prayer. Do better each day than you did the day before. Forgive others. Confess your sins. Show mercy. Be kind. Be content. Live in the joy of the Lord. There should be no more joyful people that those who have been saved by His grace.
No one experienced more trials and tribulations than Jesus. He was nailed to a cross. Yet He forgave those who held the hammers.
Walk as He walked. Live as He lived. More and more each day grow to be like the One whose name we bear.

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