Thoughts and Ponderings…

I heard this from Charles Spurgeon when listening to one of his sermons and it kind of stopped me in my tracks when I heard it.
At first one might think it seems too harsh a statement. But is it?
Which would be worse?
To appease and coddle someone in their sin and give them a false sense of security?
Or to expose the filthy sinfulness that dominates them, as it once dominated us until it was cleansed by Christ?
We in the church must welcome sinners, but cannot welcome their sin and give them the delusion that they may cling to Christ and also to their old way of life.
It is an “either/or” scenario.
To stroke and pet a person’s idea that their sin nature is perfectly acceptable is the worst kind of destruction we can perpetrate on anyone.
Our message must still be, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”,
not, “Come as you are, stay as you are, no repentance necessary.”
This message isn’t popular. It doesn’t gain friends. We may see fewer in our pews.
But we can’t relent from the message that Christ is the cure for the plague of sin.

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