Jesus Received Our Paycheck

When you earn a wage for work you’ve done, you receive a paycheck or a direct deposit into your bank account.
Scripture teaches us that the wage each of us has earned for our sin is death. As descendants of Adam, we are marked for this payment the moment we take our first breath. There’s no escaping it.
However, on the cross, Jesus received the wage that was earned by those the Father gave Him. In His love, He incurred the cruelty, endured the shame, bore the wrath that should have been deposited into our account. He took our place. As Ray Comfort says, Jesus paid our fine so God, as the Good Judge, could let us go free.
This is grace. There’s nothing we could ever do to earn this gift.
But when His Holy Spirit draws us, we repent, believe, and put our faith in Christ and His finished work on the cross. Then we live in obedience to Him.
As creatures who are born condemned, our only hope is to put our trust in Christ for salvation from the penalty we have rightly earned as our wage.
We all die once, but because of the blood shed on the cross, we don’t die twice, as the lost will experience eternal “death” in hell, but we receive eternal life in heaven.
What a glorious Savior who would take such a brutal payment on our behalf. Put your trust in Him today.

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