Which Christian Streaming Service Should I Use?

With the advent of video streaming platforms such as Hulu, YouTube, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, and the like, it has become a popular choice for many Christians to subscribe to a Christian video streaming service. If you’re like me, and are an avid watcher of sermons, podcasts, teaching series, etc., you enjoy having all your videos in one place to be able to pick and choose what you want to watch, and for it to be as easy as possible.

There are two streaming services I want to discuss today. One service I DO recommend, while the other I strongly urge you to stay away from. Let me start with the service I don’t recommend:


About 10 years ago, the church where we were serving was contacted by Right Now Media ( RNM ) when it was a brand new service. There really wasn’t even any online streaming like we have today. All watching was done through the website. At the time, we subscribed, and the content provided was pretty good. But this was before the woke movement and progressive Christianity had gotten a foothold into the evangelical world. There was no me too or church too. There was no Black Lives Matter. Or Revoice.
Deconstruction was never even heard of. No one within orthodox Christianity would have ever considered allowing LGBT membership in their churches. It was just pastors and teachers preaching the gospel and teaching the bible. However, today, it is a very different world, and RNM is a very different platform, featuring a plethora of woke progressives, either lamenting whiteness, promoting racial divisiveness, saying the bible whispers about homosexuality, or that come from an ecumenical position of “Can’t we all just get along?”. Some of those platformed on RNM are:

JD Greear

Francis Chan

Jennie Allen ( IF: Gathering )

Eric Mason


Others featured on RNM are:

Craig Groeschel
Matt Chandler
Bianca Olthoff
Ann Voskamp
Phil Vischer
Charlie Dates

David Platt
Tony Evans
Lisa Harper

As well as a host of other problematic leaders, authors, and teachers from popular “Christian” circles who are some of the worst of the worst when it comes to biblical fidelity. The teachers platformed on RNM seem to be “brand name” personalities rather than men and women to be trusted to lead us in our spiritual growth.

On the other hand, there IS a streaming service that I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to. The name of this service is:

AGTV, or American Gospel Television, is available on all your streaming devices. It features biblically sound teaching series, documentaries, sermons, and podcasts.

Those who are concerned about the soundness of the teaching they watch online will be thrilled to be able to find their favorite bible teachers and Christian voices here on AGTV. Some of these include:








These faithful preachers and teachers, plus so many more are featured on AGTV. Other names include:

Ray Comfort
Steve Kozar
Paul Washer
John MacArthur
Chris Rosebrough
And many, many more.

AGTV also is also host to many series and feature films. Tim Challies names some of the films and series in his blog piece, “AGTV Continues to Grow 10 Months After Launching”:

  • American Gospel: Christ Alone
  • American Gospel: Christ Crucified
  • AG: Chapter & Verse (episodic versions of the AG films)
  • Luther: The Life and Legacy of the German Reformer
  • The Church: Pillar and Ground of the Truth
  • Calvinist
  • Spirit & Truth: A Film about Worship
  • Knox – The Life and Legacy of Scotland’s Controversial Reformer
  • Logic On Fire – The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones
  • Every Tribe: Cambodia, Laos, & Vietnam – Dispatches From the Front
  • I Once Was Blind: West Africa – Dispatches from the Front
  • Islands on the Edge: Southeast Asia – Dispatches from the Front
  • Father, Give Me Bread: Ethiopia & South Sudan – Dispatches from the Front
  • Matthew Henry – The Life and Times of the Bible Commentator
  • Fight of Faith: Meeting Machen

and the following series:

  • EPIC: An Around-the-World Journey through Christian History (10 Episodes)
  • Behold Your God: Rethinking God Biblically (13 Episodes)
  • Behold Your God: The Weight of Majesty (13 Episodes)
  • The Bergers: Voyage of Life (7 episodes)
  • Christ Crucified: Chapter Walkthrough – Defend & Confirm (10 Episodes)
  • The God Who Speaks: Sunday School Kit  (9 Episodes)
  • Discipleship Explored (8 Episodes)
  • Life Explored (14 episodes)
  • Christianity Explored (10 Episodes)
  • Adventures with Ranger Joe (25 Episodes)
  • AG Roundtables (9 episodes)
  • AG Uncut (10 videos)
  • Answering Progressive Christianity – Alisa Childers (5 Episodes)
  • Freedom – Costi Hinn (6 Episodes)
  • Law & Gospel – Mike Abendroth (5 episodes)
  • Spiritual Warfare: Truth or Territory? – Jim Osman (8 Episodes)
  • The Genesis – Biblical Theology with Emilio Ramos (6 episodes)
  • Steve & Paulette’s Place
  • God Doesn’t Whisper – Jim Osman

If your church currently subscribes to Right Now Media, I would strongly suggest that you no longer continue to support this media platform that features a laundry list of bad teaching. You may need to go to your pastor or elders and politely voice your concerns. RNM only offers church or small group subscriptions, not individual plans. However if your church has a subscription, the login is probably easily available or shared amongst the congregation. I know many churches use this resource, but many may not realize what they are funding with their church dollars. If your church wants to subscribe to a video streaming service, please steer them toward AGTV. The lowest package RNM offers is $139/mo. for small church congregations, while AGTV is only $4.99/mo. per individual plan.

4 thoughts on “Which Christian Streaming Service Should I Use?

  1. Our church has RNM and I hardly use it. I was so disappointed to see so many false teachers and woke stuff. I feel like the only one who sees the problems with RNM so I just remain silent about it.

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