Media Challenge

It’s been on my mind for a while to write a blog like this.

I’ve been wanting to share some of my favorite blog sites, podcasts, and Youtube channels with you. So as I have been thinking about it, it occurred to me to issue a challenge along with telling you about some of my favorites.

When we were at the Michelle Lesley conference recently, it was said that we’ve heard the old adage, “Garbage in, garbage out”. But as Christians our mantra should be “Godly in, godly out”!

How much time in our day is taken up with mindless tv, listening to the radio while driving, scrolling facebook, talk radio, the 24 hour news cycle, scrolling facebook, playing Candy Crush, watching TikTok videos, scrolling facebook….? You get the picture. For many of us, probably even without realizing it, there may be a LOT of garbage going in that isn’t producing godliness going out. It may not be anything UNgodly, but it certainly isn’t productive for our Christian lives. Do any of you recoil in shock when you get your screentime usage notification each week? I know I have! So here is my challenge:

*FIRST, let me say this. The things I am about to suggest are not to take the place of scripture reading and bible study. If you aren’t making time for that, you certainly need to cut back on the screen time. But here is what I want to challenge you to do.


For at least ONE HOUR each day find a doctrinally sound Christian media alternative to the mindless reading, listening, and scrolling you usually do. Instead of your usual talk radio program find a Christian podcast where there is discussion about biblical topics.

I love a good cat video. But instead of watching 100 cat videos on TikTok, pull up the “WWUTT” ( When We Understand The Text ) YouTube page and watch the wonderful 90 second videos by Pastor Gabe Hughes. I can assure you, you’ll be fascinated AND entertained. Watch a sermon on YouTube rather than scrolling through Facebook for another hour. If you start gradually replacing the “garbage” you are putting in, with things that put your focus on Christ and His word, the more you will find that you won’t care as much about those other things, and you will likely find you’ll want to replace MORE than an hour a day of your garbage media with godly media.

If you are wondering “Where do I start?“, well, I’m going to help you out! I am going to give you a few places to go where you can watch, listen, and read theologically sound content. And friends, if you are thinking this sounds BORING, let me assure you, these pages are anything but! But just like it’s hard to give up sugary drinks and sweets for healthy food, it may take a bit of adjustment to be rid of the desire for JUNK. But once you do, you’ll begin to crave the GOOD STUFF! So here we go!

*Disclaimer: You will not find any recommendations for any woman who preaches to men, or anyone associated with the Word of Faith or NAR movement or known false teachers. So if you get to the end and wonder, “Where is Beth Moore?” or “Where is Priscilla Shirer?”, sorry you won’t find them in this list.


  1. A Word Fitly Spoken by Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman

A podcast for Christian women, Michelle and Amy touch on a number of issues, from theological topics such as Roman Catholicism, sufficiency of scripture, and Christian liberty, to hot button stories that are currently being widely discussed, such as reviewing “The Chosen” and discussing the New Age. These doctrinally sound women are firm on relying on the truth of scripture for the answers we need on all issues. Their podcast is available on all platforms.

2. Just Thinking Podcast by Darrell Harrison and Virgil “Omaha” Walker

The “Just Thinking Podcast” is one of the most listened-to Christian podcasts out there. Every new episode is highly anticipated. And with good reason. Darrell and Virgil focus on a variety of issues, but are probably best known for their bold biblical stance and refutation of Critical Race Theory and Social Justice issues, such as Black Lives Matter.

“The Just Thinking Podcast boldly confronts cultural, social, political, and theological issues through a biblically orthodox worldview.”
The titles of some of their episodes include:

*“The Anti-Christ of Black Liberation Theology”
*“Has God Really Said?” ( addressing egalitarianism and complementarianism )
*“The Church of BLM”

As you can guess, they are not very popular with the WOKE crowd, but let me tell you, they are spot on in what they say and carefully back up all they say with scripture. Darrell and Virgil have made appearances at several conferences, including the G3 Conference. Here is their 2021 session:
Their podcast is available everywhere.

3. “WWUTT” with Pastor Gabriel Hughes ( And Wife, Beki! )

“Pastor Gabe”, as he is affectionately known to many, is truly a teacher at heart, and it shows in his dedication to teach on his podcast 7 days a week. From teaching the Old Testament, to the New Testament, to a weekly Q and A episode on Fridays with Beki, Gabe’s podcast is a must for your podcast “subscribe” list. Gabe is an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Lindale, TX.

“WWUTT” is:
A daily Bible commentary, committed to teaching sound doctrine and exposing the faulty via thousands of daily audio episodes, a weekly sermon, and periodical dialogues with Gabe’s wife.” It is available on all podcast platforms.

4. “Truth Be Known” by Nathaniel Jolly and Ekkie Tepsupornchai

I have to be honest. I am always checking my Spotify list to see if there is a new episode up of “Truth be Known” every week! It is one of my absolute favorites.

“Nathaniel Jolly and Ekkie Tepsupornchai are both Pastors of local churches. Ekkie is the Pastor of Western Avenue Baptist Church in Califonia and Nathaniel is the Pastor of Homer Reformed Baptist Church in Alaska.”

Nathaniel and Ekkie always speak on timely issues. They break down their topics so thoroughly that one rarely comes away with a question that hasn’t been answered during their discussions. A few episode titles are:

*“The Christian and the Culture War”
*”How Christians should view Abuse”
*”Music and the Lord’s Day Worship”

“Truth Be Known” is available everywhere.

5. “Voice of Reason Radio” with Chris Hohnholtz and Richard Story

Chris and Rich always provide a lively discussion about current issues facing Christianity. And as with the other podcasts I’ve mentioned, VOR has a solid foundation of sound doctrine. So, you can rely on what they say to be based in truth. Chris and Rich have very different styles of communicating and great senses of humor, which make them a delight to listen to. A few of their podcast titles include:

*”Theology and Methodology: Women’s Roles in the Church” ( a crossover episode with Michelle Lesley and Amy Spreeman )
*”Christianity VS. Conservatism”
“Pulpits, Politics, and the Purpose of the Church”

Available on all popular podcast platforms.


Next, related to podcasts, I am going to give you a few of my favorite YouTube channels. Some of my favorite podcasts are available on video as well as audio, so I can continue on with my podcast list by sending you to these great podcast channels.

  1. “The Alisa Childers Podcast”

Alisa Childers, once a member of the popular 90’s CCM group “Zoe Girl” has become a much-needed voice in Christianity today. Issues she is mainly known for are those of progressive Christianity and deconstruction, both of which have become serious issues in the Church today. After going through her own time of deconstruction and coming out of that experience as a firm and faithful believer, she is one of the most qualified sources on the subject. However, her channel includes a wide range of topics, and her interviews are always extremely engaging. Guests have included: John Cooper, Becket Cook, and Allie Beth Stuckey.

2. “Relatable” with Allie Beth Stuckey

Allie Beth Stuckey, known as the “Conservative Millennial” has a huge platform on The Blaze TV. She is reformed in theology so when she speaks on current events, she always comes from a place of truth. Her program is not specifically Christian in subject matter, but every week she does “Theology Thursdays”. Her channel is a great place to keep up with the current political discourse, but from a conservative Christian foundation. Some of her most recent videos include “Debunking Jen Hatmaker’s Liberation Theology and New Age Ideas” and “Responding to Tim Keller’s Terrible Abortion Take”.

3. “WWUTT” with Pastor Gabe

Yes! Pastor Gabe made BOTH the podcast list AND the YouTube list. Although both are titled “WWUTT”, they contain very different content. The YouTube channel consists of hundreds of 90 second videos concisely answering a multitude of theological questions, such as, “Is Everyone a Child of God?”, and “Did Jesus Hang Out with Sinners?”. These little videos pack a strong theological punch and can be as addictive to watch as cat videos! Just kidding! But seriously, once you click “play”, you won’t be able to watch just one! You’ll actually learn a lot! And get ready to be quickly drawn in by the fast pace and the production quality. Here’s a sample:

4. “Justin Peters Ministries”

Ok, I have to be honest. When I discovered Justin Peters’ seminar series “Clouds Without Water” , it completely rocked my world. I had never seen anything like it. For me it was life-changing in that there was a finally a place of reference like none other for all the false teaching of the Word of Faith/Charismatic movement. I think I probably watched the whole seminar in one sitting. While Justin does preach on subjects other than false teaching, it is his exhaustive body of work in exposing the charismatic false teachers of the Word of Faith/NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) that is he most known for. There is no one to match the extensive labor that has gone into the videos he has made on the subject. I’m not sure there is anyone more beloved in reformed circles than Justin Peters. Except maybe John MacArthur. 🙂 You just CAN’T not like him. His heart for the Church and its purity from false teaching is amazingly edifying and we are all better off for knowing and watching Justin’s work. In Justin’s own words, his heartbeat is for people to be rescued out of Word of Faith heresy. His channel MUST be saved in your YouTube library. It is an invaluable reference.

5. “Conversations That Matter” with Jon Harris

Jon Harris’s video podcast is one I like to keep up with because his finger is typically on the pulse of what is going on in the evangelical world. Whether it is breaking down the latest in SBC news, the Social Justice movement within the Church, or how political events are affecting us as evangelical Christians, Jon is usually talking about what the rest of us are talking about. He is meticulous in his research and provides his audience with authenticated facts that back up what he says. Whether it be screenshots of tweets or documents, or timelines of events, he always has his ducks in a row. Jon’s podcast is smart, but down to earth and understandable for the average person in the pew.
Jon has recently published two books:
Social Justice Goes to Church: The New Left in Modern American Evangelicalism

and Christianity and Social Justice: Religions in Conflict .


I am much more of a “listener” and “watcher” of content than a reader, unless I am doing research or studying. So I don’t regularly read a LOT of blogs. ( Does that seem strange?? ) Mainly because I just don’t have time. So I’m usually listening to a podcast or playing a YouTube video in my car. But I have listed 3 blogs here that I DO make time for.

  1. Michelle Lesley

Michelle’s blog page is saved in my laptop toolbar. That’s how much I use it. It is not only fantastic for articles she has written, but her extensive reference content cannot be matched. If you are looking for a new church, a bible study ( no canned studies, ladies! Verse by verse FREE studies! ), information on just about any bible teacher ( recommended or NOT recommended ), Michelle is your girl. She has been blogging for 14 years and the wealth of information on her site is the mother lode. Her theology is trustworthy and sound. And she isn’t scared to speak out against false teachers who are in the public arena. If anyone asks me for information on a false teacher, without fail I steer them to Michelle’s website.

2. “The End Time” with Elizabeth Prata.

Elizabeth is a woman I admire greatly. She personifies 1 Thessalonians 4:11, which says:

“And to aspire to live quietly, to attend to your own matters, and to work with your own hands, as we instructed you.”

One of the things I love about Elizabeth is seeing her photographs. Be it birds, nature, or just a simple book and a cup of tea, or a new antique trinket. Her photography work is lovely and always a treat.

But don’t get me wrong. Dynamite comes in a very unassuming package. And when it comes to writing, Elizabeth’s words proclaim firm and unashamed truth. Elizabeth is disciplined to write an essay EVERY DAY. And her articles are quality reading that will inform, inspire, and make you think. This lady knows scripture and she knows history. I am always learning when I read her work. And like Michelle Lesley, Elizabeth takes God’s word very seriously and rightly has strong rebuke for those who mishandle it. I highly recommend following “The End Time”.

3. “With Love, Jillian” with Jillian Lancour

Jillian Lancour has a multi-faceted social media presence. Sometimes I read her blog. Sometimes I listen to her podcast. I follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And most recently she has started a digital magazine called “She Lives Holy”. Oh, and she has an online Facebook book club.

Where does she find the time to do it all?? After all she has a husband she loves madly, and is raising and homeschooling her lovely daughters. If you want to know what Jill’s passion is, it’s all about godly womanhood. It’s reflected in all her content. She is unashamed in defending scripture’s call for a woman to serve in her home and be a godly wife. She is extremely open about her own struggles and keeps things extremely real. I have no doubt that if we didn’t live 2 hours apart ( She’s in Northeast OK, I’m in SE OK ) we’d be very good friends. God may have worked that out, because we might be in too much trouble together if we were neighbors! 🙂 *Not to mention we have a mutual love for Jane Austen, Lord of the Rings, and Hideaway Pizza!
Her blog topics have included swimwear modesty, how to know if you have a food idol, and how to help a grieving friend through miscarriage. Go find all of Jill’s content here.


Next, I want to provide you with a solid list of YouTube channels where you can find biblically sound preaching. Some preachers may not have their own channels, but their sermons are still widely available, having been posted by a variety of YouTube users. So, I will post channels, as well as the names of those preachers whose videos you can find in the search bar.

1. Grace to You is the channel for Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA, where Pastor John MacArthur has pastored for over 50 years. Here you will find all of Dr. MacArthur’s weekly sermons.

2. G3 Ministries: Conference Videos is a fantastic YouTube channel where you can find all the sermons and panel discussions from the G3 Conferences. G3 is led by Pastor Josh Buice.

3. Apologia Church Sermons is the YouTube link for watching sermons from Apologia Church in Mesa, AZ. Apologia is pastored by Jeff Durbin. James White is an elder there as well.

Some of the preachers I recommend watching on YouTube are:

*Paul Washer
*Voddie Baucham
*RC Sproul
*Steven J. Lawson
*HB Charles

There are many more I could name, but searches for their sermons typically include a lot of other videos besides sermons. The men I have named are doctrinally sound, and you will be edified as well as challenged by listening to their preaching. You won’t hear fluff. You won’t have your ears tickled. You won’t be told to give money! You will be taught the Word of God with authority.


I am also listing some links to some of my other favorites that I just didn’t have time to write about. Bookmark this blog page if you want a quick way to get to these pages I’m linking:

*”Fighting For The Faith” with Chris Rosebrough
*”Ligonier Ministries” with RC Sproul and others (Check out the playlists for Dr. Sproul’s teaching series’)
*”Striving For Eternity” with Andrew Rappaport
*”Fight for Truth” with Colin Miller *”The Messed Up Church” with Steven Kozar
*”Reformed Wiki”
*”Wretched” with Todd Friel
*“Living Waters” with Ray Comfort
*”Founders Ministries” with Tom Ascol ( Also includes the Founders Conferences )
*”One Passion Ministries” with Steven J. Lawson
*”With The Master” with Susan Heck ( This channel features all the companion videos for Susan’s bible studies )
*”The Majesty’s Men Blog” by Gabriel Hughes
*”Tulips and Honey Podcast” with Lauren Hereford
*”Doreen Virtue” YouTube Channel
*”The Becket Cook Show” with Becket Cook ( As a man who was radically saved out of homosexuality and is now reformed in theology, his channel focuses on LGBT issues. )
*”Is Genesis History?” Full Documentary
*”American Gospel” 1 Hour Free Version ( I HIGHLY recommend subscribing to the AGTV app for unlimited streaming of a MULTITUDE of theologically sound Christian videos, including full access to both American Gospel movies. Get your free trial and subscribe here.

Wow! This blog has been a lengthy endeavor!

But I hope you find the content here helpful, insightful, and edifying. Please let me know if you decide to take me up on the 1 hour a day challenge! If you DO take the challenge, I’d love to hear about it. And PLEASE pepper me with your questions if you’d like more information on any of the pages or channels I’ve mentioned.

Be blessed and walk worthy!


4 thoughts on “Media Challenge

  1. Our God is so timely! I have been sensing that I am not being wise with God’s time and this convicted my heart to “do” something about it. I am taking the challenge! Thank you for the list of “Godly In” media sights to go to! I cancelled my Facebook page a couple years ago but now You Tube is my go to…so I will be checking out the You Tube channels and other resources you have given us! I do watch Allie Beth Stuckey and feel lighter or filled when I am done watching her-so I know that is better for my spirit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Enjoyed reading your list of recommendations. I was hoping Allie Beth Stuckey would be on here 🙂 When I have time I listen to her podcast. Another helpful one I’ve found is called ‘Femina’ by Nancy Wilson. She is the wife of pastor Doug Wilson. Her episodes are 10 minutes or less, but Biblical and to the point. As a mom with a special needs son my free time is limited so I appreciate the short and sweet words of Biblical encouragement. Blessings to you!

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