Why You should just say “NO” to IF:Gathering

I was reminded this morning that it is once again that time of year. The time of year that thousands upon thousands of women will become giddy with excitement over what is one of the most anticipated conferences in existence. They will assemble in churches, homes, and in dorm rooms all over the world. Last year the conference was seen in 144 countries in 6,500 different locations. What conference is this?


This year’s lineup is a virtual “Who’s Who” of popular speakers, pastors, and authors:

Jennie Allen
Alyssa Bethke
Jefferson Bethke
Christine Caine
Matt Chandler
Lauren Chandler
Toni Collier
Layla De La Garza
Jada Edwards
Davy Flowers
Justin Giboney
Ellie Holcomb
Sadie Robertson Huff
Jamie Ivey
Gabe Lyons
Rebekah Lyons
Latasha Morrison
Christy Nockels
Bianca Otthoff
Jackie Hill Perry
Dr. Anita Phillips
Jonathan Pokluda
Jon Reddick
Ruth Chou Simons
Dr. Curt Thompson
Chidima Ubah
Ann Voskamp
Mina Whitlock
Katherine Wolf
Hosanna Wong

This is quite a list! But it is a list of people best avoided. While I do not know every name listed here, I know enough of them to say to any woman: STAY AWAY FROM THIS CONFERENCE!

It is enough to say that anyone listed here as a featured speaker is at the very least undiscerning enough to allow themselves to associate with some of the worst of the worst of false teachers. While I don’t have the time to lay out all the problems with all the IF:Gathering speakers, I will speak about 6 of them and give you vital information to help explain why this conference should be one you avoid at all cost.
In this article, because of the length, I will try to make it as reader-friendly as possible, liberally using hyper links, but also include screenshots of the conference speakers, either in their own words, or with quotes from articles and interviews. Seeing things with our own eyes is sometimes more convincing that exhaustive reading. Because of the time-consuming amount of researching, screenshotting, and video watching, each segment will not be exhaustive in the number of issues I have with each person discussed. But I will also include links for further reading and watching. Trust me, this article is long but it could be MUCH longer!

I will start with the conference founder, Jennie Allen.

Jennie Allen

IF:Gathering began after Jennie Allen claims to have heard a “voice from the sky” tell her “Gather and equip your generation.”

Jennie Allen at IF:Gathering from IF Gathering on Vimeo.

Now, Jennie admits that she wasn’t sure if this voice was God or not. But she went with it. Let me tell you, first of all, God doesn’t speak to us as a voice from the sky, or by any other means today other than through His word.

God, having spoken long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days spoke to us in His Son…” (Hebrews 1:1-2a LSB)

And if a voice did speak to us, telling us to gather and equip a generation, a sure sign that it ISN’T God, ( besides the fact that He doesn’t speak that way today ) is that He wouldn’t tell you to start a conference using the most false teachers you could find.

Jennie Allen surrounds herself with a plethora of unbiblical and unsound teachers and speakers, many of whom share and have shared the IF:Gathering platform.

I begin with homosexual affirming Jen Hatmaker.

Jen Hatmaker

Hatmaker was part of the IF:Gathering for years and is a close friend of Jennie Allen. She made headlines when she told Jonathan Merritt, LGBT advocate and son of former SBC president James Merritt, in an interview with Religious News Service that same sex marriages can be “holy”.
While Hatmaker has not been back on the IF:Gathering stage since her LGBT views came to light, she and Jennie Allen have remained close friends. And according to Allen, Hatmaker wasn’t disinvited to IF:Gathering. She made the decision to stop participating on her own. She made this statement in an article in Church Leaders in 2016:

Jen Hatmaker also promotes the use of the New Age “personality test” the enneagram.

Jen Hatmaker, Facebook post October 22, 2020

For more on Jen Hatmaker:

Alisa Childers, “Why We Can’t Agree to Disagree on Homosexuality
Allie Beth Stuckey, “The Problem With Jen Hatmaker’s Feminist Theology” ( YouTube Video )
Michelle Lesley: Jen Hatmaker

The next problematic IF:Gathering speaker: Hillsong female “pastor” Christine Caine:

Christine Caine

Christine Caine is a whole box full of problems. First of all, she is a graduate of Hillsong College, and was ordained as a pastor at heretical NAR Hillsong Church, where just recently pastor Brian Houston stepped down as pastor, as he has been charged and will soon be on trial for concealing his father’s alleged sex crimes against children. I can find no statement from Christine Caine regarding this issue.
Caine is wildly popular on the national conference circuit. But her theology is extremely off-base, as would be expected from anyone associated with the likes of Hillsong and Bethel Church of Redding, CA, where Caine is a regular partner in ministry and participates in Bethel conferences.

Christine Caine, singing the praises of her experience at Bethel

Here is a short clip about Christine Caine from one of our favorite podcasters and bible teachers, “Pastor Gabe” Hughes, creator of the popular “WWUTT” videos on YouTube.

Christine Caine perpetually and unrepentantly violates scripture by teaching and preaching to men.

11 A woman must learn in quietness, in all submission.12 But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.13 For it was Adam who was first formed, and then Eve.14 And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman being deceived, fell into trespass. (1 Timothy 2:11-14 LSB)

Caine is the founder of Propel Women, an annual conference, again, featuring some of the queens of bad theology and false teaching:

For more on Christine Caine:

Berean Research: “6 Reasons Not to Follow Christine Caine” ( from Article by Elizabeth Prata )
Michelle Lesley: “Have No Regard for the Offerings of Caine”

Next on the list: Latasha Morrison.

Latasha Morrison

I first learned of Latasha Morrison when I saw that Beth Moore had talked about her book, “Be The Bridge” a few years ago. She and Beth are fairly tight, and definitely regard each other highly. This should be no surprise, since Morrison’s focus shines a spotlight on the woes of being black in America. Beth, as so many know, has joined the chorus of voices lamenting whiteness and expressing neverending grief for her black brothers and sisters, who are the victims of whiteness. Here is a tweet and response between the two friends, excited about Latasha’s book making the NYT and USA Today Bestseller lists:
( Note: Morrison begins her tweet by taking God’s name in vain. )

Elizabeth Prata tweeted some screenshots of the relationship between Morrison and Moore, including that Moore’s Living Proof Ministry donated $20,000 to Morrison’s foundation.

Morrison is a proponent of “racial reconciliation” and reparations. She talks about the need for the gospel to be our central focus, but if you watch anything by her, Christ is anything but the focus. She preaches a social justice gospel, which is no gospel at all. If you attend the IF:Gathering in person or join the simulcast you will no doubt be bombarded by Morrison’s unbiblical racial divisiveness. Here’s a sampling from her bestseller:

Here are a couple of her Twitter feed offerings:

Here is a video by Jon Harris where he unfolds who Latasha Morrison is, discussing her book and including video clips, including her disturbing “We Lament” speech at CRU, ( former Campus Crusades for Christ ). You won’t have to get far into the video before you begin to see the serious issues with Morrison.

Next up: Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry

I have sadly seen MANY women on the “JHP” bandwagon, doing her bible studies, going to conferences where she is speaking, and reading her books. Anyone who knows about her knows that her story is one of leaving the life of being in a lesbian relationship and coming to Christ. However, this doesn’t make her any kind of woman to follow for her sound teaching. She is regularly on the speaking circuit for conferences such as Christine Caine’s “Propel Women” conference.
Some may recall seeing Perry in the very popular ( and highly recommended ) Christian Documentary “American Gospel, Christ Alone”. However, I recall reading that the filmmaker, Brandon Kimber, has said there are a few in the documentary that he regrets having included, including Ms. Perry, as she has since proved herself to be unreliable as any sort of example to speak on the subject of the film. The documentary denounces the massive Properity Gospel movement, or the “Word of Faith” movement. Yet she has partnered in ministry with some of the biggest names in the NAR ( New Apostolic Reformation ) and Prosperity movement. Including Bethel Church in Redding, CA.
Her explanation is: “I don’t always agree with those I do ministry with”. While small areas of disagreement are almost always going to happen, the divide between the prosperity movement and solid theology is pretty much like the Grand Canyon.

Jackie Hill Perry with the platform of false teachers for “Propel Women”

She is also on the CRT ( Critical Race Theory ) bandwagon, often tweeting a very racially divisive narrative. She shows a woeful lack of maturity as well as discernment.

For more on Jackie Hill Perry:

Elizabeth Prata: “Jackie Hill Perry: Discernment Review”
Michelle Lesley: “Jackie Hill Perry”

Lastly, I cannot recommend IF:Gathering because of speakers like Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp

Ann Voskamp is an extremely popular author. I hesitate to say “Christian author”, but she falls in that category at the bookstores. One reason I believe Ann is so popular is that her writing style is very poetic, and makes for great coffee mug and t-shirt quotes. Women love her gushy/mushy/touchy/feely way of expressing her thoughts. But she is extremely problematic. I will link some articles, but my biggest beef with Ann Voskamp is the creepy way she sexualizes intimacy with God, in what is called “theologic eroticism”. She crosses a line into the bizarre in this now (in)famous quote from her book, “One Thousand Gifts”:

This is just WEIRD! She seems to glee in being esoteric, mystical, and whimsical. Nothing about this is God-honoring or exalting. In fact is is degrading to bring our Sovereign God to this kind of fleshly, sinful, warped kind of thinking. Tim Challies says this of her theology:

Her theology is an eclectic combination of Protestantism and Catholic or Catholic-influenced mysticism.

For more on Ann Voskamp:

Bob DeWaay: Romantic Pantheism: “A Review of One Thousand Gifts”
Michelle Lesley: Ann Voskamp

If you made it this far through this lengthy article, congratulations! It’s been tedious getting it done! There is so much more I could inject, but I won’t add that to your day.

The premise of Jennie Allen’s IF:Gathering is this:

If God exists…Then what??

This should be extremely troublesome for any true follower of Christ, because it is a baseless premise. There is no “IF GOD EXISTS”. He is the I AM. What a ridiculous notion to build an entire Conference empire upon a false musing, as well as DOUBT of God’s existence!! It is an empire built not upon Christ, His redemption, His mercy, His suffering on the cross, the glory of His resurrection, and what that means for a lost and dying world. But this conference highlights some of the worst of the worst theologically, biblically, and discerningly. I only covered 6. But can you imagine sitting through hours and hours of what these women ( and some men ) have to offer? I can’t! I hope that I have provided enough insight into IF:Gathering for you to turn tail and run the other way if offered the opportunity to attend this event.

Finally let me close with this: It matter who you associate yourself with and partner with in ministry. IT JUST DOES. These popular women’s conference circuit speakers are not popular because of their biblical fidelity. Thousands and thousands of women flock to these conferences every year. But remember what Jesus said:

“If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me first.” John 15:18

The world doesn’t hate IF:Gathering. It is LOVED by the world. False teaching is loved by the world. Weak Christianity is embraced by the world. A Christianity that includes women preaching, feminism, embracing a new “accepted” type of racism. This is NOT Christianity. It is an imposter. And Christian women are lapping it up because they want “something new”. “

False teachers of a feather flock together. You will ALWAYS find the same women speaking at these conferences year after year. You know their names. You would do best to stay away.

For further recommended reading and watching on IF:Gathering:

Michelle Lesley: Jennie Allen and IF:Gathering
Tulips and Honey Podcast with Lauren Hereford: What’s Wrong With the IF:Gathering? ( YouTube Video )
Truth Keepers: Cedric Fisher: “IF:Gathering, Is it a Movement of God?”
The End Time, Elizabeth Prata: Thinking of Attending the IF:Gathering?”

29 thoughts on “Why You should just say “NO” to IF:Gathering

  1. Reading about LaTasha makes me want throw myself on the floor and scream! And if my white pastor should ever say from the pulpit some of the stuff Ms. Morrison says regarding being white, I will probably throw my Bible at him!
    I’ve heard of a few of these speakers and as an old actor from The Roy Rogers( way before your time🙂) used to say ” Whoa nelly!”. I fear so many women are being led astray.😞

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am sure you are right! It can be so discouraging to see so many being deceived and led astray by all these “new ideas” that they somehow believe makes them “relevant”.
      There is no gospel involved. Salvation becomes a collective thing.
      Thank you for your comment!
      And I know Roy Rogers! ❤️


  2. Pingback: Jennie Allen and IF:Gathering – Michelle Lesley

  3. Great article! My church and fellowship seems broken right now. These ladies you wrote about, have snuck into the hearts and minds of so many of the women at my church. They believe they are worshipping the Lord, but being on the outside looking in, it looks like they are worshipping the conference/Bible study. I’ve tried to address it, but it is definitely a closed topic. Your article just gave me a little more knowledge and insight on ways to talk about it. Have a great day!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry to hear about your church situation. I’m afraid that’s the place many of us find ourselves in. I have talked to my ladies here and I will think they get it, but then next week they are going to the Extraordinary Women conference. They don’t even ask me to go because they know I won’t. It is definitely discouraging. And I don’t think any of them except one of the new women even read my blog. I think they go because of the fellowship they get to have with each other. But I know they are getting some poison when they are there. 😢


    • Hey DebbieLynne! Sorry this has taken so long to reply, but I haven’t been on the computer a whole lot lately, and not long enough to sit down and answer replies. I have found that so many of these women that travel in the same circles seem to sound and act alike. There is a lot of storytelling and acting “folksy”. That’s part of the charm that draws people in. I’m not sure about her being Beth’s successor, but she’s definitely making a name for herself with the IF Gathering, isn’t she?


  4. There is a group of women attending this event from my church. I was on the list to go, and paid. But something has NOT ASAT RIGHT WITH ME. I watched this last year and remember having a lot of raised eyebrows… I did truly enjoy the interview with the pastor from Iran, who spoke about how the church is just exploding in the Middle East! But after I watched, I was just like “something seems off.” Well, as of late, I have been diving into New Age, and NAR to uncover what they they are and teaching. I came across so much that seemed to have really crossed into these areas of believing with the IF:Gathering.. I was watching some videos on You Tube and one thing led me to another, to another, to another and then I ended here! Where you outline 6 people I want nothing to do with!!! I am so thankful for this article and your digging up what you did. I will continue to pray about this, in how to approach this with the women I was supposed to be going with, but I will not be attending. Thank you for sharing this!!!

    I do have a question about women preachers I was wondering if you could help me with. A lot of what I hear regarding the underground church in the Middle East, is where women are being used greatly! I am not 100% sure how, but my guess, is in reaching more than just women… (so teaching men)? I am just wondering if you know anything more in this and if God is rising up women in the ME to use, but the men sit silent, what’s a good way to reach them?

    Thank you!!! SO VERY MUCH!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Megan! I’m so happy you found the article beneficial!!
      I haven’t really heard much about what your talking about in Iran and the Middle East. If it’s women sharing the gospel, then AMEN! We should all be doing that. Hopefully, there are pastors in place in the churches to help women fulfill true callings where women are meant to serve. I’m sure it has to be discreet and secretive. I know that Christianity is spreading and that we have missionaries over there. Hopefully the Word Faith movement hasn’t taken too great of a hold over there like it has in so many African countries.


  5. Oh goodness you shared what my heart already knew. My church is jumping on the bandwagon and doing the IG conference. When I raised the concerns to my pastors wife she said “all that stuff had been taken care of “ 😦 any way I won’t be attending and obviously I’m in need of a new church.
    Thanks for speaking the unpopular truth!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry to hear that about your church. I’m afraid that is true of many churches today. Sadly, many pastors are completely in the dark about what their women are studying and what conferences they are attending. They aren’t being faithful shepherds guarding their flocks if they are allowing this mess into their churches. Thank you for the comment! ❤


  6. Very informative, I went to one last year, hadn’t heard of many of the speakers except for Joni Eareckson Tada and Francis Chan. They were both good, but at the very end after Francis Chan’s talk on the Lord’s Prayer, Jenny Allen made a reference to , “ I guess we all just got a kick in the A—“ my jaw dropped and that so turned me off! I’ve never been to a women’s Bible study / gathering and heard profanity used. Not a fan of the praise and worship to a screen , or BethelHillsong, will not be going this year. Thankyou for all your research, we need to be discerning!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow!! I hadn’t heard this! But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, after seeing the clip I shared on my blog’s facebook page about Bianca Olthoff, one of the regular speakers, using profanity and cackling about it. It was truly disturbing! There is very little concern or regard for holiness anymore and it’s truly sad.


  7. Hello Robin, I just ran into your blog last night. After seeing several women you do not recommend, please tell me who you do recommend as being a sound Bible teacher.
    I may have missed it on the site. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Carmen! There aren’t a WHOLE lot out there who have more public ministries that I would steer you toward, but there are some. I highly recommend Michelle Lesley, who has free Bible studies on her website Michellelesley.com.
      Also, I would recommend Susan Heck and Martha Peace. I love Lauren Hereford’s “Tulips & Honey” podcast and Facebook group. And I would also recommend following Brook Bartz’s “Open Hearts in a Closed World Conference” Facebook page. The free online conference is coming up which features biblically solid teachers. Some of whom I already mentioned. Thank you for asking!


    • It’s not that I’m “against” or “for” anyone. I am FOR rightly handling God’s word and not butchering the text by eisegeting it to fit what we want it to say.
      As a general rule, I would say to avoid any teacher who is on the “ stadium speaking circuit”. They are birds of a feather that flock together.
      Lisa Harper, Priscilla Shirer, Christine Caine, Beth Moore, Jackie Hill Perry, Lysa Terkeurst, just to make a few of the “big names”.

      I would recommend a few women teachers who are biblically solid, but they aren’t as well known because their Bible studies are in the big bookstores and they aren’t featured on TBN. ( another warning sign )

      Michelle Lesley, Susan Heck, and Martha Peace are 3 of the good ones. And I know that Michelle and Susan’s Bible study materials are available for free on their websites.
      Susan has the entire New Testament memorized, and is now working on the OT!

      Also, I’m not sure why women think they MUST be taught by women. I absolutely love to listen to Bible teaching from men!
      A few I recommend are Steven Lawson, Voddie Baucham, & John MacArthur. And even though RC Sproul has passed away, I still live to listen to his teachings that are widely available everywhere.


  8. Thank you for posting this article! Discernment is certainly lacking within the Body of Christ, especially for women who are led by a lot of emotions. I have read several articles today on the dangers of this IF Conference, printed out the 14 page review from Lighthouse Trails and have read your article….all because it is being promoted at our Church.
    I believe that the founders of the IF Conference have discovered a very productive and explosive means to promote their false doctrine….Biblically illiterate, emotional, needs oriented women, who can spread the deception exponentially with enthusiasm!
    We need strong husbands and Church leadership in our respective congregations to teach and warn of such traps!

    Liked by 1 person

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