His Word Is Truth

John MacArthur says:

Sanctification is accomplished by means of the truth, which is the revelation that the Son gave regarding all that the Father commanded him to communicate and is now contained in the Scriptures left by the apostles.

There was a time when I wasn’t very discerning of God’s word. If my favorite Bible teacher said something that sounded “right”, I was more than happy to believe it, even if it was wrong. I would read about how my favorite teachers were false teachers, but because I didn’t WANT to believe it, I didn’t. But it was always in the back of my mind. So, after praying for God to show me HIS truth, and being willing to let the chips fall where they may concerning the teachers I loved, I began studying the things they were saying with a new set of eyes. I studied verses in context and with commentaries. Not just “studying” with a “study” from Lifeway. And do you know what? His word SPOKE truth. His word IS truth. It can’t speak falsely, even though there are those who can speak falsely in His name and make His word say something it doesn’t mean.
Be WILLING to lay down any idol you may have in exchange for being sanctified by the pure truth if God’s word.
Now when anyone asks, “What Bible study are you doing right now?”, I can tell them what book of the Bible I’m studying through verse by verse. This is the only way to get the truth of what God has for us. But as my friend Trina said, “We have to WANT to see His truth.”
And be willing to let it change us, even if it moves us out of our comfort zone or causes us to chuck the years worth of Bible study workbooks we have filled out and have in our shelves. ( yeah, I did that )
If you have questions about any Bible study teachers please feel free to message me, or check out Michelle Lesley’s website where she has done the thorough research on nearly every popular teacher and circuit speaker out there. Remember, be willing to let your mind be changed.

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