Verse of the Day: 1 Corinthians 12:12 MANY MEMBERS, ONE BODY

Your church needs you.

If you are a saved member of the Body of Christ, you have a role to fulfill. We all do.

Paul compares the church to a body, and all its many body parts are needed to function the way it is designed to function. You may think you aren’t important in your church, but God has you in your church for a reason, and it isn’t just to sit there week after week keeping the pew dust at bay. You may be a hand, or you may be an arm, or a foot. You may be a pinky toe. Or an earlobe. But you HAVE a functional role of some kind. It takes all of us working together as a single living organism. Your job may not be to preach on Sundays, or to teach a Sunday School class. ( Or maybe it is! ) There must be preachers and teachers. But there must also be members who keep financial records, who fold bulletins, who make the coffee, and who REALLY dust the pews. But if you are unable to have any kind of physical responsibilities, you can make sure you are PRAYING. And let the leadership know you are praying for the church. This is a HUGE encouragement. Maybe you can sit at the door and welcome those coming in with a warm smile and a handshake. ( Or in today’s world, a fist bump )
If you are an older woman, volunteer to rock babies in the nursery or take home the dirty kitchen towels that need to be washed. There are so many things that need to be done that may never cross our minds as being necessary for the church to run efficiently. What if there was no one mowing the grass? Or cleaning the bathrooms and making sure there is soap, paper towels, and toilet paper? If those things WEREN’T being done we would certainly notice!

The commentary in the Reformation Study Bible says:

The church is not so much an organization as it is an organism. It is made up of living parts. It is called the body of Christ. Just as a human body is organized to function in unity by the co-working and codependence of many parts, so the church as a body displays unity and diversity. Though ruled by one “head”— Christ— the body has many members, each gifted and endowed by God to contribute to the work of the whole body.

If you are someone who isn’t doing anything, imagine a perfectly healthy person trying to live life with a hand tied behind their back. Or with a blindfold on. This is your church if you are just coming to church week after week, but not actively participating in the life and function of the Body. You are good at something. And you are capable of much more than you are good at. You don’t have to be good at washing dishes on Wednesday nights. You just have to be capable. And willing.
You could be a person who is extremely great at organizing events, or parties. Maybe you could volunteer to head up church baby or wedding showers. That’s just one idea. Here are a few more:

*Volunteer to organize and file music for the worship leader.

*Offer to valet park cars for elder members who can’t walk far.

*Be the person who checks for light bulbs that need to be replaced, and replace them.

*Offer to be the one to fill the baptistry when needed.

*Ask to be in charge of supplying and washing towels for baptism services.

*Volunteer to keep the refrigerators cleaned out and wiped down.

*Ask to help with church security if this is your background.

*Make sure things are in supply for communion.

*Volunteer to pick up groceries for church meals.

There is SO much to do, and these are things that are rarely considered as important “church work”. But someone has to do these things. So be it an arm, leg, elbow, eyelid, or ankle, be the best one you can be! The Body needs you!

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