Verse of the Day: Revelation 22:20-21. THE OMEGA: Awaiting His Return!

by Robin Self

Yesterday we looked at God as the Alpha. The Beginning of all things. Jesus our wondrous Creator. Inventor and sustainer of time and space. 

In the Beginning, Jesus.

At the End, Jesus. 

He is over all. He is our history and He is our future. 

He is everything in between Genesis 1:1 and Revelation 22:21. Scripture is His glorious redemption story, set in motion from “Let there be light.”. 

I don’t know about you, but the longer I am here on this earth, the more I treasure His words, “Behold, I am coming quickly.”. I think the older we get, the more we realize that this old broken world isn’t our ultimate home, and we begin longing for our eternal one. Living in this world is hard. These days it just keeps getting uglier and uglier. There is more hatred. More unimaginable acts of sin. More pain and more heartbreak. It makes me long for an end to all that sorrow and the beginning of our eternal existence, where we don’t ever have to worry about another virus. Or another loved one’s death. Another child being victimized. There will only be joy and light in the presence of Jesus. There will come an end to sin….An end to MY sin. 

The man I most look up to in scripture is Paul. As much as he endured for the cause of Christ, He was never a whiner or a complainer. He just looked for another opportunity to point another person to Christ. 

Last night I heard a sermon from a dear pastor friend who spoke about Paul and Silas being imprisoned, but even in their difficult situation, they were singing hymns and praising God. All while the other prisoners were listening to them. Even in their earthly sorrow, others were hearing about Christ and seeing their testimony of faith. And after an earthquake opened the doors of the prison cell, Paul, Silas and the other prisoners didn’t run away. Instead they stayed and assured their guard, who had drawn his sword to kill himself at the thought of facing his superiors after a prison escape, that they were all there and accounted for. Their lives, even while in prison chains, exemplified Christ and a way of living that prompted their guard to fall at their feet and ask, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?”, and ultimately the guard and his whole family were saved.
As much as Paul longed for the day when he would finally be with his Savior, he was committed to making the most of his time here, enduring beatings, prison, shipwrecks, and ultimately, his own martyrdom, which he embraced, and tradition tells us that Paul ran to the guillotine.

As difficult as this life can be, God has us right where we are. Our friend said last night, “Wherever God has you, it is the right place. And wherever you are, people are listening to you.”

I needed to hear that.

We are the ones called to the task of making sure His story of redemption continues to be told to those who cross our path, until either our death or His glorious return. This is the calling as those who belong to Him. To know Him and make Him known. No matter our circumstance.

If we are the mom at the soccer game.
If we are the worn out grocery checker.
If we are the preacher’s wife.
If we are the wife of the man in prison.
If we are the one in prison.

While we long for our Omega’s coming, we have business at hand. And when we finally see Him, there will be no more glorious words to hear than “Well done!” before we enter into eternal peace and worship.

Until then, keep working and keep witnessing. But keep watching the skies. And the grace of the Lord be with you all. Amen.

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