Verse of the Day

“Worldly fables” and “silly myths” have been occurring in the church since it’s inception. They continue today. Here are just a few examples of what false churches and teachers are saying today:

*Jesus stopped being God when He was on the cross.
*You can “soak” up the anointing of dead saints by laying on their graves”
*Jesus went to hell to pay for our sins.
*Gold dust and Angel feathers are falling from the ceiling into the church.
*”Jesus spoke to me and told me to tell you… *God created human beings in His literal, physical image as little gods.
*Christians should never be poor or sick.

In order to protect yourself from falling for heretical teaching, get IN THE WORD. Study it in context. Feed on a steady diet of sermons and writing from trusted theologians. Sit under solid pastoral teaching. Then when you hear these outlandish “fairy tales” the red flags will be obvious to you.

Then, when you hear blatant false teaching, CALL IT OUT! Warn the brethren so they won’t become ensnared by slick-talking men and women whose only goal is to line their pockets, fly on private jets, and profit from our ignorance.

“Don’t participate in the fruitless works of darkness, but instead expose them.” ( Ephesians 5:11 )

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