When I started this little blog page, one of the purposes was to direct women toward sound biblical teaching and steer them clear of false teaching. That’s why I titled my blog “A Worthy Walk”. My desire is for Christian women to walk worthy of the calling we have received. This means being students of God’s word at more than a surface level. It means being able to recognize when something that is said should raise a red flag. We should know immediately when a verse is taken out of context. Or at the very least think, “I need to go look that up and see if that is right!” My pastor husband ALWAYS tells our congregation, “Don’t just believe what I say. Take notes. Go look it up for yourself. And let me know if you think I’ve gotten it wrong!”
I am saddened at the apathy and lack of biblical literacy in the Church today. Especially in women. I want so much more for us than to be swept up by “bible teachers” who don’t have any sort of firm grasp of scripture, yet millions are flocking to stadiums to see them on the national platforms of the women’s conference speaking circuit. Don’t be taken in by the bible verses on the girly mugs and t-shirts. This is a BIG BUSINESS. And most of the women gracing the platforms should not even be teaching a children’s Sunday School class. My heart aches when I see ladies who love the Lord being drawn into false teaching by a smooth-talking she-wolf who is funny, charming, and can have her 10,000 member audience eating out of her hand. Sadly what she’s feeding them is rat poison.
Perhaps I am so passionate about this subject because I used to be one of those women in the audience. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but it’s true. I used to LOVE to attend events like “Women of Faith”. I attended numerous conferences, and when I became a pastor’s wife, I organized many trips to WOF, Living Proof Live, Deeper Still, and more. And if there wasn’t a conference nearby, I would find a simulcast to attend that was within driving distance. Dare I say, I was hooked on attending. Why? These “bible teachers” are masterful at eliciting emotions and giving women ‘all the feels’. From the opening worship song to the very last prayer, it is all a well-organized and well-produced emotion factory. I’m not saying I never learned anything, but there was never any depth. At Women of Faith you didn’t even have to bring a bible, because it was mostly the speakers talking about what was in their new book, available on the tables in the lobby for $19.99. Every year there was a new book to sell and new emotional stories to tell. Oh, the tears would flow, just as intended.
Not all conferences were void of the bible though. Beth Moore always brought out her bible, and what attracted me to her was her love of scripture. That, plus the fact that she was beautiful, “folksy”, and seemed very down to earth. She was a Southern Baptist. ( Although this week the news has broken that she has left the SBC. ) She has a way of drawing you in so that you hang on every word. I think it’s part of that captivation that has many Christian women checking their brains at the door. She’s just so nice, and so funny. She’s so serious about scripture. Except that most of what she offers is outside of what scripture teaches. And y’all, if I’m going to confess, I might as well do it right: I even participated in those cheesy “Face your neighbor, hold hands, and repeat after me.” mantra sessions!
But as years went by and I became more serious about study of scripture, I began to notice those red flags that I mentioned above. Things that were said didn’t sit right with me. I was beginning to actually discern when something that was said was false, because I began to have an understanding what scripture REALLY said. As these realizations were coming to light for me, I began to dig and research online. I did my homework! As I continued to grow, I began to see cracks, or should I say crevasses, in what I once thought was good biblical teaching. ( I am ashamed to admit, I used to LOVE Beth Moore’s hairbrush story! Now it makes me cringe! ) Before long, I came to full repentance for my involvement in attending and taking women to these events. I was now concerned about what I was hearing, and more so, knowing that other women were still very much immersed in the “Lifeway women’s aisle” bible studies and conferences.

This lengthy background introduction brings me to what I want to talk about.

This is the introductory blog in a new category I am adding: Avoid this Bible Teacher.

I am fully prepared for criticism for doing this sort of series. Talking about false teachers isn’t something that is well received by many. But I still feel I need to speak out if I can keep anyone from falling into error.
Today I am going to talk about a dearly loved speaker and author: Lisa Harper.

From Lisa’s website: ( I will post a 🚩where applicable. )

“Rarely are the terms hilarious storyteller and theological scholar used in the same sentence, much less used to describe the same person but then again, Lisa Harper is anything but stereotypical! She has been lauded as a gifted communicator, whose writing and speaking overflow with colorful pop culture references that connect the dots between the Bible era and modern life. Her style combines sound scriptural exposition with easy-to-relate to anecdotes and comedic wit.

Best-selling author and pastor Max Lucado 🚩 calls Lisa one of the “best Bible tour guides around,” and speaker Priscilla Evans Shirer 🚩 adds, “Her God-given ability to not merely teach the Word but package it in a way that stirs the heart and calls to action is incomparable. When she speaks, ears perk up!” ( emphasis mine )

Lisa is indeed a very popular speaker on the circuit. She has had 12 books published. She has her Masters of Theological Studies with honors from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. She was a regular on the Women of Faith Tour for 8 years.
However impressive her resume, she has several concerning issues.

*She preaches to men.
While mostly preaching at women’s events, the video clip I’m going to share with you today is from Elevation Church, where she has “preached” to audiences of men and women. Steven Furtick’s wife Holly Furtick 🚩 says of Lisa, “This woman can PREACH! And I’m not gonna lie, I love a good GIRL PREACHER, and Lisa is one of my favorites.”

*She appears with and is closely associated with numerous false and problematic teachers as well as the Word of Faith and NAR movements.
She regularly appears with Beth Moore, Priscilla Shirer, Lysa Terkeurst, Jen Wilkin, among many others. She has been part of the “Better Together” women’s series on TBN, working closely with the Word of Faith community that includes Matt and Laurie Crouch. 🚩 She has also made appearances on Life Today with popular Word of Faith hosts James and Betty Robison. 🚩 She has preached the Sunday sermon at ” Hillsong. 🚩
Lisa has been a part of Christine Caine’s ( who she calls her best friend ) “Propel Women” Conference, which includes Bethel Music as well as Jenn Johnson, both from the heretical “church” Bethel Church in Redding, CA.🚩

Something that is of great concern is that the Southern Baptist Convention has had Lisa Harper speak on several occasions at it’s Women’s Ministry Luncheon during it’s Annual Meeting, as well as speaking at Lifeway sponsored events.

Even though Lisa is extremely well-educated, her weak grasp of scripture is astounding. While she teaches out of the bible, I am floored at how WRONG she is on the most understandable passages. What I want to share with you is one such example. In this 7 minute clip, she is preaching at Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church. The “sermon” is titled “Hope Is In Our DNA”. In this video she is failing at trying to make a point that Matthew 18 is not about church discipline. Rather, Lisa tries to convince her audience that when Jesus says a person in sin who refuses to repent is to be treated as a Gentile or a tax collector, she tells her enamored audience that because Jesus ACCEPTED Gentiles and tax collectors, such as Matthew and Zacchaeus, that this scripture is about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, not church discipline. Watch below:

Besides the fact that this is excruciating to listen to, does this sound like someone with a Masters in Theology? How on earth did she come to this radically inaccurate interpretation? For one thing, Lisa Harper is not surrounded by people with sound doctrine. She is part of a mish-mash group of women who couldn’t exegete their way out of a paper bag. When you are immersed in the “conference culture”, there’s no telling what the charcuterie board of beliefs is going to be. Anything goes. As long as you are funny, have an engaging personality, talk about Jesus, and can package the message in a way that’s entertaining and tugs the heart strings. It’s obvious from the mounds of evidence of error, the truth of scripture is not relevant.

My intention with this new blog category on my page is to bring readers information on many of the women who grace the conference stage. I hope to include videos that show when these teachers are in grievous error, such as Lisa Harper. WHAT WE BELIEVE MATTERS. Because God’s word isn’t to be taken lightly or frivolously. It is our EVERYTHING. And when people with a huge platform are getting it wrong while bringing millions of women along for the disastrous ride, it needs to be brought to light. While there are women I greatly admire who have done extensive research in the area of helping us avoid false teachers, I hope to be able to add a bit to the mix and give you another resource to turn to when you have questions or want to share with others.

For further reading:
Michelle Lesley: Lisa Harper-Not Recommended
Lighthouse Trails: What About Lisa Harper?

25 thoughts on “AVOID THIS BIBLE TEACHER: Lisa Harper

    • I appreciate that Lauren! And I am looking forward to the Open Hearts conference. Even have some women who want to attend a group watch party this year now that Covid is a bit les scary! for them.


  1. A positive message would have been more receptive than degrading Christian women that obviously know, love & share Jesus.


    • As I noted in the article, I fully expect these types of blog pieces not to be well-received by some. But being well-received isn’t my goal.
      My goal is to make women aware that many of the “Bible teachers” they follow are unqualified to teach. Why would I write a positive message about someone who teaches things about the Bible that aren’t true? Who is leading thousands and thousands of women into false beliefs about Jesus and the scriptures?
      Something about me is that I lay it on the line. If you read the article, you would see I had to admit my own failings in following and promoting these women. I hope you will look more closely at what was written, go to scripture for yourself and find if what I’m saying is true. If it IS, then women need to be warned, not coddled in the belief that as long as someone has a Bible open they are ok.

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      • Oh yes! This is why we’re voting for the antichrist to feel welcome in the White House! Too many opinions, not enough Truth! It is a tug of war this living for God’s glory instead of mine! First, make sure you love the Lord enough… enough so that you’re REALLY concerned about the souls of others…until your only goal is telling the Truth… and then please learn what that is before you speak…


  2. I started to read a book she had written last night. I didn’t know much about her so I decided to google her. Your blog on her came up and I was too tired to look at it, so I put it away until this morning. I wasn’t sure at first and then that clip blew me away. I’m don’t think I’ll be finishing her book. Thankfully it was free. I have plenty of books to read by trusted authors. Thank you for risking reputation to point out untruths spoke about the bible. The bible isn’t all love and acceptance. There is judgement, there is wrath, and Jesus paid for all of it. And we have to repent in order to be forgiven or we will face God’s judgement in the end. Thank you again

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m glad my article came up for you and that you found it helpful! I want to always back up what I say with reliable sources. There is no more reliable source than the person’s own words. Some don’t like it. But I feel it’s something I have to do. Thank you for your comment. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

    • If you will look at scripture instead of liking to your feelings, you would find that 2/3 of the New Testament deals with exposing false teachers. Read Timothy and Titus and get back to me. Evidently Paul found it an extremely important issue. He even named names of the false teachers and had them removed from the churches and told the pastors to follow suit. If someone is blatantly teaching what is untrue and claiming it as biblical, it is our responsibility to expose them as false teachers. Lisa Harper is a false teacher.

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      • Thx for your commitment to truth and the boldness to do so. Too few today, with such a vast amount of false teaching. We think of the apostasy as people turning from God ala the prodigal. It’s more the turning to false churches, false Jesus’ etc. Question: familiar with John Eldredge’s ministry and his wife? They operate Random heart ministries. My youngest son(35) has fallen hook line and sinker.

        Liked by 2 people

      • Thanks Michael! I am vaguely familiar with John Eldridge, but not a lot. There is such a deficit in biblical literacy. And the younger generations are falling for anything that seems “relevant”. I can’t imagine what the church will look like in 20 years, or even 10 at this rate.

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  3. Regardless of what you think about that speaker/teacher, I’m certain Jesus wouldn’t take to the internet to do what you have done here. I won’t comment on the clip at all on whether I agree or disagree. What I will say, these 6 things the Lord hates, and 7 is an abomination to Him. (7 is those who sow discord among each other.) That dear sister, is what you are doing. Use your energy to win people to Christ, not to tear down someone who believes differently than you.


    • If you think calling out false teachers is sowing discord, then you may not be the biggest fan of the apostle Paul. I would suggest thorough reading of 1&2 Timothy, Titus, and Jude. You see, letter-writing was the “internet” of the day, and Paul spoke used this medium to warn about and call out false teachers BY NAME, knowing word would get out about them, as well as have them removed from the church, saying things as harsh as “turning them over to Satan”. And not only Paul, but Jesus himself called out the false teachers of the day using very strong language.
      This article tells about Jesus doing just that, and why we must also do it.


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  4. My church is about to have one of her Bible studies. I had never heard of her before. I’m glad to know.
    And ouch! The first thing she mentions on that clip, in a way that seems that she’s used it and endorses it, is the enneagram. Bad, bad news!

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  5. hi, Robin. My church’s ladies’ Bible study group is planning to start a Lisa Harper video series entitled How Much More?. I have been researching for the past year and a half concerning present day false teachers, and I thought that I had run across Lisa Harper‘s name in that group. After reading your blog and listening to that clip of Lisa Harper’s decimation of Matthew 18—including starting with a reference to the enneagram(!!!)—I am assured that I do not want to attend the Bible study. It breaks my heart that our ladies’ group has been leaning toward the false teachers who emote so much and yet misrepresent Christ and His word. Thank you for your courage in presenting this information. Your research will help me to be strong if I am questioned by my sisters in this ladies’ group. Thank you, and God bless you!

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  6. Thanks for your helpful website and the 7 minute video clip you posted. Was going to purchase a book by Lisa Harper for my wife, but will not now be purchasing anything she authors. Her preaching “performance” was disgraceful.

    Liked by 2 people

      • I sent a rather lengthy and carefully worded reply to your blog about Lisa Harper but I see now at the bottom of the page that if a person is not in agreement with you about who is or is not a “false teacher” you will not post their reply.

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      • It isn’t that there must be absolute agreement. Discussion or questions are always welcome. But not unbiblical arguments that false teachers mustn’t be called out, or defending what is clearly false teaching. I don’t have time or the desire to reiterate what I have laid out already. I will not argue with anyone who has no scriptural basis to back up what they say, but merely just defend teachers they like based on their feelings. I gave lots of reasons why Lisa Harper is to be considered a false teacher, including video of her terrible mishandling of scripture. If I remember correctly, you didn’t refute anything I said, you only defended her based on how you feel. I won’t engage in this kind of back and forth. We are told clearly to call out false teaching, and the apostle Paul did so many times, calling them out by name so that people can be warned.
        So no, I will not approve any defense of who I have given ample biblical evidence of being a false teacher, if the comment is only feelings-based whining about me calling out someone they like with no biblical reason ( in correct context ) why what I say is wrong. And “judge not lest you be judged” isn’t a contextual biblical reason.

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