“Should I let my child participate in a school field trip to a Buddhist temple?”

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Bye-Bye Beth: What Beth Moore’s Split with the SBC Means

I am sharing Michelle Lesley’s well-laid out and astute analysis of the current and much-publicized Beth Moore situation. I appreciate Michelle’s faithfulness to speak biblical truth into our lives.

Michelle Lesley

It was the shot heard round the world online Christian neighborhood I hang out in. (I’m sure most of the actual world couldn’t care less.) On Tuesday, March 8 – in a hit piece from RNS (Religion News Service) that came thisclose to libeling everyone who has ever biblically called for her de-platforming – Beth Moore announced she had broken ties with the Southern Baptist Convention, and flounced out the door, smearing the institution that made her what she is on her way out. Classy.

What does this mean for Beth? For you? For Southern Baptist churches? For the SBC?

For Beth personally…

For Beth, personally, it means she no longer has to keep her church membership at a Southern Baptist church. A few months ago, when Beth mentioned that she was looking for a new church, I figured she was probably looking for something much less biblically restrictive than…

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