Welcome friends!

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In the words of a beloved literary spider, “Salutations!”.

I am both excited and a little nervous to start this blogging thing. The responsibility is a bit overwhelming to me. My utmost goal is to make sure that God is glorified, not me, in what I write. This will hopefully serve as motivation to keep me humble as well as accountable! I want to honor Him in all I do, but sometimes I fall miserably short. I want this page to be an opportunity to help others, while also having a little fun along the way. I expect the style and content to be an evolving process until I learn the ropes and figure out where my wheelhouse is.

I suppose my goal here is to hopefully be able to bring some help to the believer who wants to go deeper in knowledge of scripture but maybe doesn’t know quite how. Or the Christian who doesn’t know why a certain teacher should be avoided. I guess, basically, I want to be a light-shedder. When one has a deeper knowledge of scripture, she will know more readily how to recognize error and learn to discern more easily. It is a deep passion for me to see others growing in knowledge and biblically sound spiritual depth.
As a pastor’s wife with a pretty active and purposeful social media presence, I can sometimes find myself in the crossfire of those who feel that being “nice” is more important that sharing information on a false teacher or on a common scripture that is often taken out of context. As a woman who is partial to be liked by others, it can be difficult to receive these criticisms. But my desire for others to learn outweighs my desire to be liked. I realize a public blog may increase the rate of criticism I get from those who feel it is a Christian’s duty not to make waves or say anything controversial. I’ve literally been told that pointing out errors in the teaching of public preachers and teachers will cause others not to want to attend my church. However, one reason I feel compelled to start writing in a public forum is because I also find myself on the receiving end of nearly a constant stream of questions via private message, asking me who I can recommend as a good bible teacher, what teachers should be avoided, if they should listen to music by Bethel or Elevation Churches, and I’ve even been approached by some questioning their salvation, wanting to know how they can have assurance. So it seems this kind of ministry has found me without me going out looking for it.

I by no means think I am someone who has all the answers, and I DO NOT want to come across as that kind of person. Sometimes I may write out of sheer excitement about something new I’ve just learned and just can’t wait to share. I’m a learner by nature and am thrilled when someone else is learning alongside me, marveling at something they’ve just seen in scripture for the first time! I guess you could say I’m very invested in wanting others to follow solid biblical teaching, so that they won’t be swayed by every whim that comes along, a trap I see so many becoming ensnared in. As a sister in Christ, if I can help another sister or brother along their path, I am eager to do so. After all, isn’t this part of discipling? Does all discipling have to be face to face? In today’s technological world, I don’t believe it does. There are solid men and women of God who I feel I am constantly turning to for wisdom, and most of them are at my fingertips, not in my living room. I am grateful for those people like Pastor Ray E., Elizabeth B., Alana S., and many more.
I’ve never met my fellow pastor’s wife Elizabeth in person, but she is invaluable to me when I have a question about something I’ve read or something a certain teacher said. I feel we need each other. There are women like Michelle Lesley and Elizabeth Prata whose insight I treasure. I would love to be able to contribute even a small bit to the amazing network of teachers and learners that I have come to value so much! I know that most people will never know my name and honestly, as an introvert, I kind of prefer the anonymity. I’m not really a public speaker, and I will most likely never have a video blog like Tulips & Honey. I am not “video bold”! But I feel like could possibly have something to offer here in this blog world that at this juncture is pretty foreign to me.

I guess I should close this first entry with the scripture that my blog title is based upon.
Ephesians 4:1
“As a prisoner of the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.”
This is all any of can aspire to, to live up to this sacred calling. To live holy. To endeavor to grow deeper in love and knowledge of the Savior so that we can become more obedient and devoted disciples. As we travel this narrow road with our fellow sojourners who are also striving to walk a worthy walk, may He find us ever faithful!

Soli Deo Gloria!

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